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NowNow Mobile App

NowNow mobile app is a great idea to serve people by delivering the necessary goods at their doorsteps.

This delivery company is very fast, and all the goods are fresh and at a nominal price. After placing an order, you need to wait for a few minutes, and the delivery boy will arrive.

Exclusive stores are available to choose products from, and a huge variety of products is also available.

The order will never get late. And the rider will always arrive on time because of their strict monitoring of orders.

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How to cancel an order in NowNow, and what is their return policy?

You can only cancel the order within five minutes of placing it. As it will arrive in barely 40 minutes.

So to cancel it, you only have five minutes; otherwise, the order would not be canceled, and you will have to pay for it.

If your order is defective or it isn’t the thing which you ordered.

Then you should call customer support, and they will replace it, or a refund will be made within few hours.

What kind of discounts are available on promotions of NowNow?

As NowNow is a new launch so to reach maximum customers, they arrange promotion campaigns.

NowNow leads many campaigns, and they provide different promotions NowNow coupons to attract customers.

In various promotions, NowNow coupon codes are released to build more customers.

You can also avail NowNow promo code today to win huge discounts on daily used groceries.

Sometimes other deals are available as well. For example, the sale of buy one gets one free.

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How to use our codes on the NowNow website?

Go to our website. Select the coupon which you want to use. Click on show code, then copy the code and paste it into the promo code box while placing an order on NowNow.

It is a simple and easy way to use our codes.

What is the delivery time of NowNow, and how much fees do they charge?

The delivery time of NowNow is less than an hour. However, in very rare cases, it might take above one hour.

NowNow does not charge any delivery cost, and the delivery is made free of charge.

And there is no minimum order amount limit. You can place the order of any amount you wish.

How much discount does our coupon code provide?

NowNow coupon code is available on our website, and with time the offers change.

Discount of more than 50 percent is also available, though, at this time, coupon codes offering a discount of 20 percent are available.

To get NowNow offers today, visit our website and apply coupon codes to get deals.

The coupons are mostly open all year, and the percentage of discounts changes over time.

The new coupons are released by NowNow management every month or after two months.

How many branches does NowNow own?

NowNow is an online grocery delivery store, and it does not have any physical branches.

Instead, you need to place an order through their app to purchase anything.

How many countries does NowNow cover?

Currently, NowNow is only operating in Dubai. But in the future, it plans to expand its business over the whole UAE.

NowNow is an online grooming store and will surely expand its service to other countries.

Which products are offered by NowNow?

NowNow is an online delivery store. It has partnered with many renowned grocery stores.

NowNow offers all kinds of grocery almost more than a thousand products. It does not provide any products other than groceries.

The only purpose behind NowNow is to offer fresh groceries.

What discounts are available for the customers of Dubai?

NowNow is a well-known grocery brand in Dubai. And it offers a lot of discounts to maintain its customers.

In addition, Dubai coupon codes are available for all customers.

These coupons allow people to get amazing deals while ordering groceries.

NowNow discount is available on all the groceries at some times of the year.

What payment methods are available on NowNow?

You can select any payment method you are comfortable using.

The payment can be made online using your bank account, ATM, or debit card, and you can choose the cash-on-delivery way as well.

You can top up your NowNow wallet by using your ATM card or by going to agents.

You will give them cash, and they will send the money to your NowNow wallet.

Where can we place an order on NowNow?

NowNow is only available as an online mobile app. So, if you want to place an order, you will need to download the NowNow app.

While downloading the app, use the app referral code and new user code to get a bonus.

For example, you can use the first order code or new customer code to get 100 percent cash back on the first order.

In addition, a mobile NowNow coupon code is available for you to get awesome discounts

Last Words

NowNow is an amazing and reliable platform to order groceries.

You no more need to go to stores by yourself to buy a few things.

Whatever comes to your mind, tell it to NowNow, and it will bring for you. It doesn’t have any minimum order amount limit only to facilitate its customers.

So don’t worry that NowNow will not get a single product for you.

NowNow has partnered with top stores, and it is the fastest online grocery service for Dubai customers.

Remember to check out coupon codes available on our website to buy products even cheaper.