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Ontime Online Shopping

When talking about online fashion stores, this would be wrong if we don’t speak about Ontime.

Cause this online shopping platform is the favourite of almost everyone.

The products quality is high-grade, and they guarantee about what they sell.

Ontime has a brilliant customer satisfaction policy, and satisfying customers is their topmost priority.

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Do you wish to shop from Ontime?

First, visit their website and create an account. Afterwards, add the products to the cart that you want to buy.

Then go to the cart, proceed with the order, give payment details and all other necessary information.

Finally, click on place order, and your order is placed.

If you pay through online payment services such as credit or debit cards, you will get a cashback, and all your information is entirely safe.

How to cancel an order on Ontime and return policy?

To cancel an order on Ontime, you need to first log in to your account on their website.

Then, select the order you want to cancel.

Finally, click on the cancel button to provide all the necessary information.

After that, the management will cancel your order.

Follow the same process to return an order, click on the return button instead of the cancel button.

Fill the form provide a valid reason for returning. They will return your order within a month, and you will be refunded.

20% discount

How can customers benefit from Ontime promotion?

Every brand runs a promotion campaign, and similarly, Ontime does it as well.

Ontime sale is one of its promotions, and it takes place twice or thrice a year.

Furthermore, many promo codes are provided to the customers.

These promo codes give a discount, and as a result, more customers come for shopping.

How to use our coupon code Ontime website?

To use our coupon code, visit our website.

Then, select the coupon you want to use and click on the show code button.

Then, please copy the code and paste it into the coupon code or promo code box while purchasing from Ontime online store.

What are the delivery time and fees of Ontime?

Delivery time depends upon the country you are ordering. It is different for all the countries although mostly it is in between 7 to 21 days.

In addition, the delivery fees are different for the local and international orders.

The domestic shipping fee is almost 25 AED, while the international shipping fee can be up to 150 AED. Order tracking is also possible, and it is available on the website of Ontime.

How much discount can you make by using our coupon code?

Coupon codes are available all year on our website.

Coupon codes of almost all the online stores are open.

In addition, you can avail 20 per cent discount by using our coupon code on the Ontime website.

You can avail of the discounts easily by using our coupon codes.

It is an intelligent way to a handsome amount of money and uses it to buy something else.

How many countries does Ontime target, and how many branches does it have?

Ontime is a vast network, and it sells its products in a number of countries.

The countries covered are Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

In addition, there are several branches available in each of these countries. In the future, Ontime is planning to make more physical stores.

And it is also working on launching in other countries such as UK and Canada.

Does Ontime provide coupons for customers of all countries?

Yes! Ontime coupon codes are available for customers of all countries.

Ontime KSA and Ontime UAE are the most extensive selling areas of Ontime, and the coupon codes are also more remarkable than the other countries.

Does Fossil company belong to Kuwait only, and what does it sell?

Ontime Fossil has emerged as a massive brand.

People love the watches made by this brand.

Fossil does not belong to Kuwait, and it is the brand of Ontime.

All the products of Fossil are available on the Ontime website.

You can add cash to Fossil Kuwait wallet to avail cashback up to 10 per cent.

Ontime watches Kuwait are the most sold, and people gave very positive responses.

What does the product warranty cover on Ontime?

The product warranty covers the life of items such as batteries, electrical appliances etc.

It also covers the normal wear and tear and the scratches or tinted color of products before a period.

For example, suppose the watch is damaged or broken that will not be covered under warranty.

The warranty covers the working of watches primarily for two years.


Ontime is a growing brand, and soon it will be available in many western countries as well.

This online fashion store does not compromise on the quality of the products.

The products available will always be in excellent condition, and they will be super quality-wise.

You can purchase from Ontime without any issue. Remember to use our coupon code to avail discounts of up to 20 per cent.