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How to Cancel the Order in Riva?

Suppose you have placed the order by mistake or changed your mind.

You will need to cancel the order. Immediately log in to your account on the Riva Fashion website.

Go to the Orders section, click the order you are willing to cancel, and press the cancel button. Now your order has been canceled successfully.

What Is the Return Policy of Riva?

When you want to return a product, go to the Riva Fashion website then on the return policy page.

You will find a returning form, fill it out with necessary details and submit it. Staff will process your request.

Then, they will arrange a courier service to pick up the product from you. This process may take 15 to 20 days.

The refund will also be made with the same method, through which you purchased the product.

How to use our codes on the Riva website?

Coupon codes are always the best way to buy cheap products.

We offer you fantastic coupon codes with great discounts. To avail them you need to first go to our websites and then click on the coupons button.

All the coupons will appear in front of you. Select the coupon you want

Then, click on show coupon, a new window will appear with a small code.

Copy that code and paste it in the promo code option while purchasing to avail of the discount.

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What are The Delivery Time and Fee of Riva?

Delivery time of Riva Fashion varies according to the purchaser’s location.

Local package delivery can take up to 7 days, while international deliveries take almost nine days. You can track your order through the option available on the Riva Fashion website.

The delivery fee depends upon the size of the parcel and the delivery location. The international deliveries are costly as customs also apply.

Which Coupon Codes Do We Offer?

To avail of Riva offers today, you need to visit our website. Next, use the coupon codes available when you purchase.

Riva racing promo code2021 is available on our website.

Additionally, we have Riva codes that can give you discounts up to 10 percent. More Riva fashion coupon codes will be available soon, so stay tuned to our website. To never miss any code.

How Many Stores Does Riva Have and Where Are They Located?

Riva fashion is a top online shopping brand.

It offers all the fashion variety and accessories for men, women, and children as well.

Its headquarters are located in Kuwait. Furthermore, it has its offline stores in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. Riva has almost 50 stores and 5000 employees on board.

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What type of Promo Codes Are Offered by Riva and For Which Country’s Customers?

Riva Kuwait coupon codes offer the most discounts because Kuwait is the headquarters of Riva.

It was first launched in Kuwait City and then afterward moved towards other countries.

As a result, it has the highest customer base in Kuwait. So, it is Riva Fashion’s priority to take care of its oldest customers.
Riva UAE coupon codes are often available in the market throughout the whole year.

It is because UAE has the highest tourist rate, so it generates a considerable number of sales for Riva.

In addition, the UAE market competition is higher than the other countries, so to attract customers, discount coupons are always available.
Riva Fashion KSA is a distinct market. Saudi Arabia is a densely populated country and is a wealthy state.

Therefore, KSA gives Riva Fashion a lot of business. Riva KSA coupon code is primarily available for customers.

Especially at times of religious events, to attract customers. They offer discounts of more than 50 percent plus other exciting offers.
Riva Fashion also has its stores in Qatar, and it delivers online orders also.

Riva Qatar coupon code offer discounts of more than 25 percent. And on special occasions, these discounts can double. With other offers like buy one get one free.

Riva codes and promo are terrific, and very few online companies can produce this many discounts.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you once tried using these promo codes. Hence what are you waiting for? Go to our website and experience using the Riva promo code today.

What Products Does Riva Offer and Which Ones Are the Most Famous?

Riva Fashion has a diversity of products available for its customers.

Riva kids collection is outstanding and has shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shorts, tops, jeans, etc.

In addition, it has all types of dresses and footwear available for men and ladies.

Riva Fashion also offers the products of some leading brands. You can use the Riva fashion coupon code to avail discounts on all these stocks.

All the products available on Riva Fashion are of outstanding quality and nominal pricing.

Riva Fashion never compromises on the customer satisfaction policy. And to satisfy customers, the products must be of high-grade quality.

The most famous and loved products of Riva are lady’s dresses, and they generate the most sales.

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What Should I Do If the Product Arrived Is Not What I Ordered?

If the product that arrived is not what you ordered, immediately go to Riva’s website.

Login to your account and go to the return policy page. Fill up the returning form and mention all the details correctly.

Riva Fashion staff will contact you as soon as possible, and they will replace the product.

If they don’t contact you in 2 weeks, then call their customer support and forward your complaint.

Their team is very responsive and helpful. It happens in sporadic cases due to a mistake. Or sometimes they might exchange the box by misunderstanding in the process.