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Victoria’s Secret online shopping

About Victoria’s Secret

It is the largest American underwear retailer. It was founded in 1977 by the Roy Raymond, due to his shyness of acquiring his wife’s underwear from giant stores that display women’s products in a silver and inappropriateness. The opportunity to shop without disturbance. But if you think that Victoria’s name is due to the main designer of clothes, then you are wrong, in fact there is no Victoria at all, all there is to it is that Raymond preferred to design the decor of the store with the Victorian character in relation to the British Queen Victoria. Today, Victoria’s Secret has become a platform A world-famous electronic company whose users benefit from its many and varied products, especially in the Middle East region in general and specifically through its branches in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Victoria’s Secret products

From now on, sleep periods will become more active and enjoyable with Victoria’s Secret products, with a unique and varied assortment and wonderful and innovative touches that keep pace with the fashion of underwear and are mainly related to the beauty and brilliance of women. Among these products we mention:

Nightwear section

It includes nightgowns, kimonos and all the essentials of lingerie, in addition to trousers, shorts, robes, light shoes, and everything related to elegant and luxurious satin pajamas, all with animal skin designs.

Bras section

All types of bras are available on the Victoria’s Secret platform, including lined and unlined, as well as full and medium coverage, and for example the bra, you can also find on our website sports bras for shorts in addition to bras without wires and others without a strap and Victoria’s Secret offers you here the Body By Vectoria collection For very elegant and luxurious bras.